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Buying bongs online is increasingly getting more popular due to people shopping more from their home. When you buy a bong online there are tons of different options available from many different businesses. Of all the online headshops currently selling bongs online, Kings Pipes is best place to purchase a new bong. They are a great place to shop for a glass bong because they have a large selection, high quality bongs, great prices, and good customer service.


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Bong Selection

The selection of glass bongs for sale they have is extensive with many different options to choose from. Their bong selection includes bongs of different heights, designs, and functions. They have everything from big bongs, small bongs, thick bongs, recycler bongs, percolator bongs, girly bongs, and more. The large selection of inventory available at Kings Pipes ensures you will be able to find a bong perfect for you.


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Bong Glass Quality

When shopping for a bong online the thing you need to be most careful about the glass quality. There are many sellers of bongs and not all are equal. If you happen to buy a cheap glass bong it has a way more likely chance of breaking or cracking. This is not only an inconvenience, but it can actually be a danger hazard as well. Shopping for bongs online at Kings Pipes ensures you get a good, high quality glass bong. They have great generic bongs as well as brand name bongs from Empire Glassworks, Higher Standards, and more. As it states on their website, all of the bongs available in their online headshop are hand-picked by their team to make sure all bongs meet our standards.


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Bong Price

Price is also a major factor when shopping for bongs online. Although some places have good quality bongs, you have to pay an arm and a leg to get one. Kings Pipes combines low prices with good quality bongs to provide a superior shopping experience for their customers. All of their bongs, including their brand names bongs, are competitively priced with other headshops to ensure you are receiving the lowest price available for your bong.


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Customer Service

Having good customer service is rare for online companies, especially online headshops. Kings Pipes does it right by helping their customers the best they can. They are easily accessible by phone or email and they are able to get back to their customers within 24 business hours. They also have a good return policy and can return broken items within 30 days of purchase if the item is still new. Bottom line, if you want to be taken well care of than Kings Pipes is the place to go.

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